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What’s Gone Viral Today: Knife Wielding Crab, Handsome War Veteran & Bernie Sanders Volunteer

What’s Gone Viral Today: Knife Wielding Crab, Handsome War Veteran & Bernie Sanders Volunteer

Morning News Roundup

What’s Gone Viral Today: Knife Wielding Crab, Handsome War Veteran & Bernie Sanders Volunteer

Knife Wielding Crab? Could it be real?

The video of a crab wielding a knife trying to fend off an attacker went viral. As amusing as it may seem, the Washington Post reports that the video, as stated by Jack Cover, general curator for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, is a hoax. It appears that the knife is jammed into the claw of the crab. “It’s a normal behavior. If the knife wasn’t there, the crab would be swinging around,” Cover said. “You can put a plastic gun in that crab’s claw as well and it’d look like a gun-wielding crab,” he added. The crab, a Cardisoma guanhumi, is most commonly found in Central America, the Caribbean and parts of South America.

Picture of handsome war veteran goes viral

A picture of a war veteran was making rounds on social media, as reported by The picture of the soldier, taken in 1950 before the man was deployed to Korea, was posted on Reddit by his grandson, Derek Schwendeman. The name of the soldier is Thomas, 86, married to his wife, Fleecie. The two married 65 years ago. Speaking about how the two met, Schwendeman said that Fleecie “met him bowling one night and she decided to snap him up,” Derek said. “She didn’t give him much of a chance!” The picture has been viewed by in excess of 3 million people, and several people have called the soldier a babe and a hunt.

Bernie Sanders volunteer comes across “real sick people” supporting Trump

A woman who has been phone banking for Senator Ben Sanders said she bumped into “really sick people” who support Donald Trump. The video, which was posted on Facebook, has gathered hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube, reports. The video shows Chelsea saying that while she was phone banking the South states she came across people who referred to human beings as animals. In her Facebook, Chelsea, says, “I think it’s really important that everyone knows that, the people that we called, many of them, unsurprisingly, were voting for Trump. Umm, and I just want you to know that the people that are voting for him are really sick people that refer to human beings as animals, and it actually made me sick. It was really disheartening.”

“Blackface” makeup video goes viral

A video that shows “whitefellas” how to do “black face properly” has scored massive popularity on social media. In the video, Bjorn Stewart, Australian actor and writer, says he has been “getting a lot of comments lately on how to do blackface and how to look like an aboriginal.” He then adds, “What we are about to do is apply some shoe polish…What we are going to do with the shoe polish is …. not do ******* blackface, you dumb ****.” Posted on Cope St. Collective’s Facebook page, the video was viewed as many as 84,000 times. BBC reports that the video has garnered widespread popularity following blackface incidents in Australia, where white people painted their faces and bodies black.

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