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Here’s A Look At What’s Gone Viral Today

Here’s A Look At What’s Gone Viral Today
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Here’s A Look At What’s Gone Viral Today

Video showing parents meeting their adopted sons goes viral

The video that captured the priceless moment of Jennifer Murrow Grover and her husband James greeting their adopted sons Joseph and Bronson has gone viral, encompassing five million views. The footage was first posted on Facebook on March 3. According to US Magazine, during the time when Jennifer and James were waiting for the approval of their sons’ visas, the boys were placed on a suspension by the Congolese officials; as a result of which they had to live in an orphanage with little food and scarcity of running water.

VIDEO: How adorable this piglet looks while dancing to Rihanna’s tunes

While Rihanna’s “Work” has been listed as Billboard’s Hot 100, the video of a piglet dancing to the tune is making rounds on YouTube and social media, WDSU reports. Originally posted by Pigeons and Planes on Facebook, it has since been taken down; however, copies of the same have been posted on YouTube (You can watch the video here). In the viral video, shared by AOL News, Mashable and the Daily Mail, the piglet can be seen shaking its rear to Rihanna’s catchy number.

Picture of family of graduates is making rounds on social media

A picture of a New Orleans family graduating in May has gone viral on social media. The picture – which shows father Mario Myles, graduating from Xavier University with Masters of Special Education; mother Shenitria Myles, graduating from Loyola University New Orleans College of Law with a JD; and son Mario MJ Myles, graduating kindergarten from Lake Forest Elementary – was originally posted for the boy’s grandparents, Shenitria said, but soon became an inspiration for school attending mothers. The family will be graduating in May, as reported by ABC News.

Indian Man, jailed by Saudi police, describing ordeal in video gets arrested

The video of a man, working as a driver in Saudi Arabia, weeping and describing his ordeal is being widely circulated on social media. Originally posted on March 12, with over one million views, the footage shows Abdul Sattar Makandar – working as a truck driver at a construction engineering firm in Al Khobar – who has been jailed for posting the video. As reported by the Hindu, he has not been given leaves or paid regularly, and is being prevented from leaving the country because his work permit and passport are in the possession of his employer.

Video of disappearing woman bewilders internet users

A video of a man being interviewed at the airport’s baggage claim area has been the source of bewilderment for many internet users, Mashable reports. It shows a woman, towards the left, disappearing after another woman pushing a trolley passes through her.

Watch the video here.

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