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What’s Up With Jeremy Lin’s Unique Hairdo? Find Out.

What’s Up With Jeremy Lin’s Unique Hairdo? Find Out.
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What’s Up With Jeremy Lin’s Unique Hairdo? Find Out.

Jeremy Lin has revealed the secret behind his unique hairdo. Lin said that he alongwith six friends were in the middle phase of the experiment.

It’s difficult not to stare at Jeremy Lin’s hair this season. The Charlotte Hornets guard is sporting a unique, spiky hairdo, vastly different from the drab but simple hairstyle he had since entering the league in 2011.

During last night’s game against the Knicks, when Lin made an impossible shot (watch vine below) in the closing moments of the fourth quarter, one wondered if his hair got in the way of defenders or marred his own vision. One also wonders if Lin’s hair is a distraction for opposition defenders every time he pulls up from 20 feet for a jump shot. Perhaps the defenders are scared to get gel all over their hands? Does that explain why Lin has drained more than 50% of his jump shots this season?

Regardless, this is the best Lin has played since the days of Linsanity in New York. In eight games thus far, Lin is averaging 13.3 points, 3.1 assists, 2.4 rebounds and a steal from just 22.6 minutes. Lin’s solid PER of 21.16 ranks among the best in the league for second unit players.

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Prior to the season, Lin revealed in his personal blog that six others in his inner circle (brother, cousin, trainer, agent and friends) are also sporting the same hairstyle. “I’m growing it out with some friends,” Lin told CBS Sports in an interview Wednesday. “There are seven of us that are doing the same hair style and right now we are in the middle phase. You gotta do something with it, so that’s why I spike it up now,” said the point guard.

Lin’s not satisfied yet. “It’s (the current hairdo) not what I’m going for. It’s not the final product. It wasn’t like one day I want to do that (his current look), it just kind of came about.”

The Harvard graduate revealed it doesn’t take long to pull off his spiky look. “Everyone thinks it takes a long time. But it really just takes like three minutes. I just throw the gel in there and spike it up.”

Lin dismissed the notion that a character from Dragon Ball Z inspired his new look.

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