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What’s New About The Relaunched ‘Apple TV’?

What’s New About The Relaunched ‘Apple TV’?
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What’s New About The Relaunched ‘Apple TV’?

Apple will start taking pre-orders for the relaunched Apple TV from tomorrow.

Apple will start taking pre-orders for the relaunched Apple TV from tomorrow. Apple TV still does not have Netflix or gaming, but that can still change. Here’s how:

Your Apple TV remote will not have only two buttons anymore. The all-new improved remote for Apple TV comes with:

a. 2 microphones,
b. a gyroscope,
c. volume control and
d. a battery (rechargeable by lightning cable)

Even though there is no 3D Touch available, this new remote has a touch pad. Just like 3D Touch feature, this will also make your life easy as all you need to do to browse through a list of movies or go “back” is to just swipe with your thumb on the touch pad. You will also be able to pair your Apple TV remote to your television.

Now comes the exciting part. You can set video screensavers on your Apple TV. The video clips will last up to 2 minutes. If you are a screensaver fan, you also have an option to automatically download new ones every month. The setup process has been simplified here. All you need to do is open your iPhone and turn on Bluetooth. Once done, hold your iPhone near the Apple TV box. Within a few moments, you will find yourself logged into iTunes and iCloud.

Compared to the old Apple TV, the new version has a brighter and cleaner user interface. The lists of movies and TV shows hasn’t changed, but it has a much better layout than the original. Apart from these changes, the new Apple TV has included a lot of new information for TV shows like:

i. Rotten Tomatoes ratings
ii. Parental guidance
iii. Press blurbs

As Apple TV reaches to customers, we will be back with our very own review.

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