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Whatever Happened To Amelia Earhart? Hunt Resumes Over South Pacific

Whatever Happened To Amelia Earhart? Hunt Resumes Over South Pacific
Amelia Earhart Tekniska museet / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Whatever Happened To Amelia Earhart? Hunt Resumes Over South Pacific

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery or TIGHAR begins a new hunt for wreckage or any clue that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan landed and eventually died on Gardner Island, now Nikumaroro in the Republic of Kiribati. The search team consisting of 14 persons will depart Fiji on June 8 and will come back on June 13.

Once on the island, the team will scour the point on the reef edge where Earhart’s plane was believed to have submerged to the edge of the first underwater cliff. The team will also comb through the shore of the inland for any signs of an initial survival camp. The onshore operations will be guided by aerial photos taken during 1938 that show man-made makeshifts along the shore.

“To the extent possible, the entire area will be swept visually and with metal detectors,” TIGHAR said on its website.

Hunt for Amelia Earhart’s plane wreckage continues to mystify generations of navigators

Earhart went missing in July 1937 while doing an expedition aimed to travel around the world. Initially, 60 aircraft carriers were actively searching for her, TIME noted. As the search took a haul, the planes were cut into 42 planes but managed to scour a search area as big as Texas. Still, no wreckage was found. She was declared dead in January 1939. Hence the search for her was officially put to stop.

The mystery of her disappearance had prompted Congress to make it illegal for the Navy to spend for search operations neither scientific nor commercial in value at that time.

A TIME report at the time has quoted Assistant Secretary of Commerce, John Monroe Johnson, saying: “From now on no individual will be permitted to take off on any ocean or round-the-world flight that smacks of a stunt.”


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