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What Did The iPad Air 2 Teardown Show?

What Did The iPad Air 2 Teardown Show?


What Did The iPad Air 2 Teardown Show?

iPad Air 2 Teardown ShowNow that shipments of the iPad Air 2 have started to arrive to their respective owners, the people at iFixit got their hands on one of the iDevice and have done what they traditionally do to new gadgets – the teardown.

Yesterday, a couple of benchmarks surfaced showing how powerful the new iPad Air 2  is which lead to the speculations of what really is inside its new A8X processor and how much RAM the device has. Because of today’s teardown, users now have the clear answers to these questions.

Prying open the glued-down single-bonded display panel of the new iPad Air 2 using the company’s own iOpener is the only way to gain access to its innards. The gapless front panel reveals that the new display is more rigid than its predecessor thus it feels stronger when being pried from its base but not strong enough to resist being flexed which may damage the LCD display during repair the report said.

With the display panel out of the way, the teardown reveals the powerful three-core A8X chip and 2 GB of RAM which power the new iDevice together with some minor re-arrangements of the device’s internal components including a number of microphones and camera parts. Two – 1 GB RAM modules sandwich the A8X processor. Using an iPad Air 2 with base configuration, the 16 GB flash memory is supplied by SK Hynix and identical NXP 65V10 NFC module used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Although the NFC chip exists, the peculiar thing about this arrangement is it does not seem to have any antenna.  Apple did mention that the iPad Air 2 and the new iPad Mini 3 will not have Apple Pay capabilities (for now, that is). The Wi-Fi antennas are now on the top part of the device while they were previously placed on the bottom of the older models.

The big surprise here is the smaller battery used for the new iPad Air 2 which is now rated at 7,340 milliamps (mAh) and 27.62 Watt-Hour (Whr) down from the 8,827 mAh and 32.9 Whr battery used for the first generation iPad Air. Still, Apple confirmed that the new battery will deliver 10 hours of service with a single charge though its specs are lower when compared to the previous model.

The TouchID Sensor cable used for the iPad Air 2 seems identical to that employed in the new iPhones and the 8-megapixel camera appears to be the same but this time the ambient light sensors used for the iPad Air 2 has been spliced into two – one placed on the headphone jack probably to improve accuracy.

The above mentioned specifications are but some of the other small but significant details found by the repair company. Perhaps these will somehow whet the appetites of those technically interested as to what really goes into their favorite iDevice.

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