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What Did Blac Chyna Do Again? Rob Kardashian Banned From Filming ‘KUWTK’?

What Did Blac Chyna Do Again? Rob Kardashian Banned From Filming ‘KUWTK’?
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What Did Blac Chyna Do Again? Rob Kardashian Banned From Filming ‘KUWTK’?

Has Rob Kardashian been banned from filming “Keeping Up With The Kardashians?” Does it have something to do with Blac Chyna?

According to Radar Online, the 29-year-old brother of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings already filmed for the family’s reality show, but his 27-year-old fiancée is nowhere to be found.

“Blac is not filming the show,” an insider reportedly told the news site, after the only son of Kris Jenner was seen in the trailer of the show’s 12th season. “She didn’t film with anyone from the family.”

The same source reportedly claimed that the non-appearance of Blac Chyna was mainly because of the fact that she is not yet part of Rob Kardashian’s family.

“Rob films because he is under contract, but all his sisters do is rip him,” the unnamed informant divulged. “But Blac is not part of the family yet so she didn’t film.”

Apart from saying so, the insider further hinted that the couple’s engagement during the early part of the month had something to do with how his family treats both of them.

“Kim forgets about Rob unless it is a story line that she has to film,” the source alleged. “She is so sick of his c**p and she doesn’t have time for his dumb drama.”

And with Rob Kardashian’s mother being in-charge of the show, it appeared that Blac Chyna still needs to wait for her go-signal before she could join her fiancé in filming.

“Blac wasn’t invited to film yet,” the source continued. “She just hasn’t.”

Amid this rumor, though, Us magazine noted that a resurfaced photo of the matriarch and the video vixen seemed to say that she is indeed “grateful” for having her as her son’s ladylove.

The image, taken before the couple’s engagement and seen on the private family album of Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna’s mother, featured the two important women in Rob Kardashian’s life hugging each other while showing off their big smiles.

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