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WeTransfer: iOS App that lets you send up to 10 GB of Photos and Videos

WeTransfer: iOS App that lets you send up to 10 GB of Photos and Videos


WeTransfer: iOS App that lets you send up to 10 GB of Photos and Videos

The owners of iOS who love to capture snapshots with their smartphones and sharing them have great opportunity to transfer huge volume of photos to their loved ones very efficiently. This tremendous capability is provided by a new app that comes in Apple iTunes App Store called as WeTransfer.

WeTransfer has been designed specifically for the purpose of sending huge volumes of media files such as photographs and videos in a single go. You can now send attachments of up to 10GB in a single message in one go.

Another great feature of this wonderful app is its capability to pause the transfer of files in between the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. With this feature, you can transfer files from your mobile to other user if required. You are completely in control of your mobile data allowance.

The WeTransfer iOS app also includes the feature of gesture recognition that allows you to search through the images quickly by swiping 2 fingers to jump between months or go the end of your library using the swipe of three fingers.

WeTransfer is pretty simple to use, allowing you to transfer files to another user free of stress and of any cost.

This service is available since 2009, and the company is proud to be sponsoring it. The users of our app have transferred billions of files so far to all corners of the world. It was initially geared towards uploading, and sharing photos and videos, and later on enhanced the storage space for single attachment in messages.

The reports suggest that, this wonderful has a wider platform than just the sharing feature. The users wouldn’t be surprised to see its features beyond just the photography.

Considering the value and preciousness of the services provided by the WeTransfer, TNW is also working very hard in providing the Android version of the app in the near future also.

WeTransfer app is available to download from the Apple’s iTunes store for free of cost. There is another paid account having enhanced storage for storing the media files in the cloud storage of the company that can be accessed from any device. The space available for storage is 50GB, and the membership costs $10 per month, or $120 annually. You will enjoy WeTransfer once you utilize its matchless services for a minimal cost.

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