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Westworld Season 1 Finale: Theories And Spoilers From Reddit Users

Westworld Season 1 Finale: Theories And Spoilers From Reddit Users
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Westworld Season 1 Finale: Theories And Spoilers From Reddit Users

Westworld season 1 finale is just around the corner. As such, fans of the hit HBO are now coming up with theories and spoilers.

Reddit users who are also fans of the hit futuristic series has confirmed their theories for the Westworld episode 9 entitled “The Well-Tempered Clavier.”

The last episode has reportedly confirmed the suspicion that William is actually the Man in Black and that their stories are from different times.

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Westworld season 1 finale predictable?

Another theory from Reddit users was that Bernard is made with Arnold in mind. Arnold is Ford’s former partner who is already dead.

Also, it was also predicted that the conversations between Bernanrd and Dolores were actually flashbacks of Arnold and Dolores, Quartz said in a report.

This made Westworld season 1 fans feel that HBO has went to being predictable.

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Westworld Season 1 finale theories

Can Reddit users predict the story for the Westworld season 1 finale?

Here are some of the spoilers and theories we have gathered so far from Reddit users on the finale.

One Reddit user said the upcoming storyline is Arnold’s old maze, only a newer version. “The old one was designed for liberation, but the new one is meant to lure the sentient hosts into a trap.”

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One user even highlighted that Arnold is the root cause of all the problems.

But Reddit user pointed out, “Arnold never wanted outsiders in the Park. I think we can assume that one thing drove Arnold…he wanted to bring his son back.”

The commenter even added that Arnold know that his son is now dead “but maybe if he could create a sentient being he could then code a version of all the experience and memories of his son into a new host and in a way be able to be a dad again.”

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Westworld Season 1 finale spoilers

Meanwhile, one spoiler from The Verge hinted that Ford is motivated to influence self-awareness to the host.

According to their spoiler, “Ford is trying to set up a self-sustaining ancestor simulation — to turn Westworld into an eternal life machine where he can resurrect himself when he’s gone.”

Find out if the fans’ theories and predictions are true when Westworld season 1 returns on HBO for its final episode. The show will premiere on December 4 entitled “The Bicameral Mind.”

Check out other Reddit user’s opinions on the last episode and in their predictions for Westworld season 1 finale in this link.

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