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Western States Wildfire: Fire Map, Fire Route & Evacuations

Western States Wildfire: Fire Map, Fire Route & Evacuations
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Western States Wildfire: Fire Map, Fire Route & Evacuations

The Soberanes Fire, which started in Soberanes Creek in Garrapata State park, has spread to more than 40,600 acres.

The blaze, now on its tenth day, has spread to 40,618 acres and has been 18 percent contained.

A bulldozer operator has been killed in the fire. Seventy structures have been destroyed and 2,000 others are threatened, according to the officials. High temperatures make battling the fire more difficult.

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Firefighters say the fire has grown to more than the size of San Francisco.

As reported by USA Today, as many as 500 fire engines, 46 water tankers, 72 bulldozers, 16 helicopters, 6 air tankers, and more than 5,000 firefighters have been deployed to battle and contain the fire. Eighteen percent of the fire has been contained.

The map highlighting the areas the fire has spread to can be viewed here.

In the pictures posted of the fire, ash dusting surfaces and plumes of smoke in the sky can be seen.

On Monday, temperatures in the range of mid-90s were experienced in the higher elevations of the fire. Hot weather makes wildfires blaze rapidly. As the week progresses, temperatures are expected to reach moderate levels.

Air quality will be significantly diminished as a result of increase of smoke, which could make it difficult for crews.

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As reported by, while evacuation orders for residents of Riley Ranch Road, Corona Road and Carmel Road have been lifted, as many as 350 people living off of other roads have been forced to evacuate their homes.

A state of emergency has been declared by Governor Jerry Brown to make resources available for battling the blaze. Several neighborhoods have been evacuated.

As many as 100 animals – including 33 cats, 29 dogs and 12 chickens – evacuated from the affected areas received care from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for Monterey County. Shelter officials said in excess of 50 other animals received care in the form of food, supplies and emergency evacuation services.

About 300 wildfires were seen in California last week, and all were successfully contained. Several areas of California are considered “above normal” for wildfire risk. Some of the other areas under wildfire risk according to the National Interagency Fire Center’s prediction for August 1 include northern Nevada, northwestern Utah, southeastern Oregon, and southern Idaho and Montana.

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