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Wenatchee Fire 10% Contained; Guts Down 24 Homes, 3 Businesses

Wenatchee Fire 10% Contained; Guts Down 24 Homes, 3 Businesses
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Wenatchee Fire 10% Contained; Guts Down 24 Homes, 3 Businesses

Fire at Sleepy Hollow, located in northwestern Wenatchee, is declared 10 percent contained, emergency officials said Monday night. The raging wildfire that started Sunday afternoon lashed nearly 4,000 acres, gutting down 24 homes, three businesses and forced over 1,000 people to flee their homes for safety.

Authorities placed many on Level 3 and 2 evacuation orders. At least 100 structures have been categorized as in danger. Some business the flames devoured were the Michelsen Packaging and Northern Wholesale Inc., according to the Wenatchee World.

“We’ve got hundreds of homes under evacuation notices,” Rich Magnussen, a spokesman for the Chelan County Emergency Management office, said.

The following areas are in Mandatory Level 3 evacuations notices:

– All of Broadview Development (residents who can present ID proving residence will be allowed in)

– Sunrise Circle

– Sleepy Hollow Heights Rd. west to Richared Rd on Sleepy Hollow Road, including Sleepy Hollow Heights Subdivision

– Hawley from the Avenue to Miller, Miller to Maple

– Walla Walla from Miller to just north of 9th

– River Park from Walla Walla

Maiden Lane to Maple, from Western Avenue to Wenatchee Avenue, and from Western Avenue from 5th Street to the north, meantime, are placed in Level 2 evacuations.

The disaster also triggered an ammonia leak on Monday. The fire’s embers put a recycling plant on fire, ultimately sending up smoke. The smoke was so thick it effected two firefighters on the scene. They were immediately treated for smoke inhalation. Residents have been advised the ammonia had dissipated and the incident in the facility had been contained.

“It was intense,” Mike Burnett, Chelan County fire chief, told reporters. “Large embers blowing everywhere, roofs catching on fire, vegetation around the house, just spreading from house to house, and the firefighters were doing everything they could to keep it contained to the structures that were involved, and keep it away from the uninvolved structures.”

Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the wildfire. But they suspect the temperatures in the region which have soared 100 degrees Fahrenheit for days could be the culprit.

Resident Albert Rookard said he saw just how fast the blaze grew. “From here, we could see embers just flying,” he said. “There was fire in so many places. We could see emergency vehicles flashing across town.”

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