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Website Glitch Causes Delta Airlines to Sell Tickets at Very Low Rates

Website Glitch Causes Delta Airlines to Sell Tickets at Very Low Rates


Website Glitch Causes Delta Airlines to Sell Tickets at Very Low Rates

Website Glitch Causes Delta AirlinesIf you were able to buy airfare tickets from Delta Airlines’ online site on December 26, you surely have hit the jackpot. That is because you certainly have found and bought air tickets at unusually lower price tags. The carrier has just admitted that there was a technical glitch, which caused errors on how rates were displayed and applied.

Just within a few hours, the company was able to identify and correct the problem. Here’s the happy catch: Delta said it would still honor all the tickets that were bought at extremely low prices. We may not expect the same error to happen again in the Website, though, as the company assured its customers that such mistakes would never occur again.

In a statement, the company said that some prices displayed on as well as in other booking channels were inaccurate. The blunder resulted in much lower fares that even went beyond what could be acceptable in the industry. After identification of the glitch, the situation has been immediately resolved and the right prices have been displayed. However, Delta did not disclose the actual cause of that glitch.

Extremely cheap fares

According to reports, airfares dipped as low as $40 for a round trip ride between New York and Los Angeles. In comparison, economy rates for roundtrip tickets between the destinations typically cost $400 or more on Delta.

First-class roundtrip tickets between Los Angeles and Hawaii only cost $200 during the period of glitch. Normally, for the second week of January, those tickets would normally be priced at least $3,500 each, sold through the Delta Website.

The possible cause of the problem

Some analysts tried to explain the real and actual cause of the glitch. According to them, airlines usually employ analysts who constantly monitor competition and constantly tweak rates. There is a huge possibility that one of those analysts for Delta entered a wrong figure.

Delta is not the only airline that experienced such a glitch. Just last September, United Airlines also experienced the same problem. But its case was worse as airline tickets were sold and booked for as low as $5.

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