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Weather Report: Heavy Snowstorm And Rain Across The United States

Weather Report: Heavy Snowstorm And Rain Across The United States


Weather Report: Heavy Snowstorm And Rain Across The United States

The major snowstorm experienced now may turn into a blizzard over the upcoming weekend.

The current major snowstorm may turn into a blizzard over the weekend.

Residents from Philadelphia to Boston should brace for a major snowstorm that can bring about heavy snow and wind all the way to the weekend. As much as 50 million people are said to be affected. In fact, those in New York City, Hartford, Connecticut, Providence, Rhode Island and Boston can expect to be shoveling a good amount of snow in the coming days. Moreover, New York, southeastern Massachusetts and Philadelphia are expected to be covered by a foot of snow. Meanwhile, various states may be facing whiteout conditions with airports and highways possibly closing.

On the other hand, cities in Virginia, West Virginia, southern Pennsylvania as well as northern Delaware and Maryland may be worst hit by the storm as blizzard conditions are expected. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity explained that “some communities could be isolated for a few days.” During the height of the storm, travel may be stopped across parts of interstates 64, 66, 68, 77, 70, 81, 83 and 95.

Snowfall is also expected from northern Arkansas and southern Missouri to Kentucky, southern Ohio and parts of Tennessee as colder air moves southward starting Thursday night until Friday. Meanwhile, cities like Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Paducah, Louisville, and Lexington, Kentucky may also be experiencing accumulating snow from 1 to 6 inches.

Here’s a look at the weather in the rest of the US:

-Atlanta, GA: 36˚
-Bangor, ME: 19˚
-Boise, ID: 44˚
-Boston, MA: 29˚
-Chicago, IL : 19˚
-Columbus, OH: 16˚
-Corpus Christi, TX: 67˚
-Honolulu, HI: 75˚
-Las Vegas, NV: 56˚
-Los Angeles, CA: 62˚
-McLean, Virgina: 26˚
-Miami, FL: 62˚
-Minneapolis, MN: 22˚
-New Orleans, LA: 63˚
-New York, NY: 34˚
-Orlando, FL: 54˚
-Philadelphia, PA: 32˚
-Texas City, Texas: 61˚
-Washington, DC: 26˚

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