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Weather Report: Heavy Snowstorm Expected, Possible Blizzard Too

Weather Report: Heavy Snowstorm Expected, Possible Blizzard Too
Trees in the Snow Storm Jonny Hunter CC BY 2.0


Weather Report: Heavy Snowstorm Expected, Possible Blizzard Too

A snowstorm can spread across the U.S. throughout the week.

The eastern United States will be facing a major winter storm with heavy snow expected in areas like West Virginia, Charleston, Roanoke, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C. Moreover, the exact track of the storm will determine which parts of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England will be experiencing heavy snow. With heavy snow expected from Friday to Saturday, flights may be cancelled and/or delayed and traveling along the highway can be dangerous. Moreover, should the storm develop into a blizzard, highways and airports may also be closed.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson reports that if the storm should move northeastward, there will be heavy snowfall in New York City, Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, and Hartford, Connecticut. At the same time, the wintry weather can also be experienced from southern New Jersey and Long Island, as well as from northwestern North Carolina to the Delmarva Peninsula. In addition, cities like Springfield, Illinois; Kansas City, Missouri; and St. Louis can also expect to experience heavy snow Wednesday.

In coastal areas, residents can also expect thunder and lighting, along with the heavy snow. And as the snow becomes wet, downed trees and power outages can also be expected. Meanwhile, the mid-Atlantic and New England coast can also expect minor coastal flooding, beach erosion and rough seas.

Here’s a look at the rest of the weather across the U.S.:

-Atlanta, GA: 37˚
-Bangor, ME: 12 ˚
-Boise, ID: 38 ˚
-Boston, MA: 23˚
-Chicago, IL : 16˚
-Columbus, OH: 15˚
-Corpus Christi, TX: 67˚
-Honolulu, HI: 79˚
-Las Vegas, NV: 48˚
-Los Angeles, CA: 60˚
-McLean, Virgina: 24˚
-Miami, FL: 63˚
-Minneapolis, MN: 6˚
-New Orleans, LA: 52˚
-New York, NY: 27˚
-Orlando, FL: 51˚
-Philadelphia, PA: 27˚
-Texas City, Texas: 61˚
-Washington, DC: 24˚

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