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Wearsafe Tag: The Wearable For Fighting Sexual Assaults

Wearsafe Tag: The Wearable For Fighting Sexual Assaults
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Wearsafe Tag: The Wearable For Fighting Sexual Assaults

The world is not a safe place to live. Because of this, a lot of companies have been trying to at least help people keep safe. There are security locks and cameras for homes, alarms for cars, pepper spray for women and now here comes the “Wearsafe Tag.”

It is not a secret that a lot of sexual assault crimes occur. The latest tech innovation, the Wearsafe Tag, is a new wearable that is created specifically with college students in mind and to help prevent sexual assaults from happening on college campuses, reports Digital Trends.

The said innovation is attachable to any piece of clothing or jewellery. It enables its user to be able to instantly alert friends and family members to troubling situations through the means of a discreet press of a certain button. The slightly larger than a quarter tag which is Bluetooth enabled allows the user to send an alert via email, text, and the Wearsafe app to a predetermined group of emergency contacts.

Once an alert is sent, a group chat is started where the relevant parties can track the tag user’s location through GPS. Aside from letting the contacts know the user is in danger and where she is, the tag also allows the contacts to instantly hear audio data that s transmitted from the wearer’s location. It even can let the contacts hear what’s going o up to 60 seconds before the wearer is even able to activate it.

This makes sure that the tag user doesn’t only have audio evidence but can also let the friends and family access the situation and send the necessary help. All of these can be done by the tag without the need to be dependent on a smartphone. It is said that it can work even with the wearers phone being 200 feet away.

According to its site, a Wearsafe Tag only costs $39 USD and comes with the Wearsafe App, which is currently compatible to iPhone 4S and later devices. As of now, there is no Android compatible app, but the company behind the device said it will be coming soon. The tag comes in 2 color variants which are white and gray.

Each purchase comes with 1 tag of the chosen color, 3 attachments of the corresponding color and 2 batteries. There is also a low subscription fee that the user needs to pay monthly. However, contacts of the user can download the app for free to receive alerts from the user.

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