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Waze navigation app now reads destinations from iOS and Android calendars

Waze navigation app now reads destinations from iOS and Android calendars


Waze navigation app now reads destinations from iOS and Android calendars

Since 2013, Waze has been enjoying the pride of being the “BEST OVER ALL MOBILE APP” awarded by mobile world congress. Waze is the world’s largest and most popular community based navigation app. which has now updated with calendar monitoring system for locating destination. It is a geographical GPS based app especially programmed for iOS and android systems. It reads the location from your smart phone calendar. This means that if you have any event in your calendar with location information than the app will let you know and guide towards the mentioned location. It gives the turn by turn info on the display of phones.

It shows two closest location updates in calendar at a time. This new feature will definitely increase the market gains of Waze which was already been getting a boost from its early days. The cofounder of Waze says that he has a plan to elevate the next features.

This is a user trained app. The user has to enter the travel times and route details. Waze gives user a constant feedback of what’s happening around along the way. It also allows the downloading of route information on the Smartphone network.

Waze gives a wide range of application including the real time traffic updates turn by turn voice navigation, specific location alerts. If you are on your way and the fuel meter glows red, there is no need to worry the app will find the nearest and cheapest fuel station for you. Finding the cheapest one is surprising but there is Waze community team that actively updates the maps for you. So you can easily identify any current change in your path. Waze also synchronizes friends traveling towards the same destination if you get connected to Facebook. Waze helps people to report accidents, traffic jams, chokes and police traps. You can also locate with house numbers or even street numbers. It alerts you about any traffic jam so you can easily approach your destiny without stucking in traffic.

No doubt there are more choices for users to select GPS based navigation system. But Waze has let them down proving to be the community driven application that gathers information from the user. Waze always brings you better navigation solutions. Enjoy a safe and happy journey with new updated Waze smart phone app.

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