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WATCH: Twitch Community Beats Chess Grandmaster Simon Williams

WATCH: Twitch Community Beats Chess Grandmaster Simon Williams
Simon Williams at the British Chess Championship 2013. Kaygrub / Wikimedia Commons cc


WATCH: Twitch Community Beats Chess Grandmaster Simon Williams

What does it take to beat a chess grandmaster like Simon Williams? Six thousand people, that’s what. Specifically, 6,000 Twitch users.

In order to promote last Friday’s release of Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition for the PC and Xbox One, publisher Ripstone Games invited Williams to sit down and play a friendly game of chess. Except it was anything but friendly. Williams was to play against the entire Twitch community, its members uniting and voting for the best moves to take on the British grandmaster.

The intense matches ran for four hours. Six thousand people voted for the correct moves. Hundreds of people were on chat. At the end of it all, the Twitch community managed to beat Williams.

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To be fair, though, Williams was mentally drained at the end of the live stream. He beat the players during the first round, which ran for two hours. The second round saw the grandmaster blindfolded, but he also won that match. It was on the third round where Twitch was able to step up and beat the grandmaster.

The reward for the winners? According to a press release, “thousands of people watching the stream won themselves Steam codes for a random Ripstone game.” Not bad!

Ripstone Games’ Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition is available on Steam and Xbox One for $12.99.

You can watch the replay of the four-hour Twitch livestream versus Simon Williams below.

Watch live video from on

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