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Watch: The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon Introduces his 14-year-old Vice Trump-impersonator

Watch: The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon Introduces his 14-year-old Vice Trump-impersonator
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Watch: The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon Introduces his 14-year-old Vice Trump-impersonator

Before the “real” Donald Trump decides who will his vice-president be if he manages to make it to the White House, the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon has already chosen his own vice Trump-impersonator. He is 14-year old Jack Aiello, who became famous after a video of his impersonations of presidential candidates during an eighth-grade annual speech went viral.

“A lot of people have been speculating about who I’m going to pick as my running mate,” said the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, looking like Trump from behind a lectern with American flags in the backdrop. “Chris Christie, LeBron James, Chewbacca Mom? All good choices, but no. The only person good enough to be my vice president is me.”

He added, “That’s why 14 years ago, I created a clone of myself. He just graduated from the eighth grade, and he’s here tonight. He’s just fantastic, so allow me to introduce your next vice president, Little Donald.”

In the four-minute video, Fallon as Trump said that together with little Trump he will create jobs, grow the economy and also most importantly find Dory, the forgetful blue fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in Disney’s “Finding Dory,” who could have gone anywhere by now. Jack as the little Trump joined him saying that Dory could be in South America, Australia or even in China.

Fallon then asked his vice-impersonator to make prank calls to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party. The little Trump chose to prank call Clinton first pretending to be Sanders.

“Hello, Secretary Clinton, this is Sen. Bernie Sanders,” Aiello said, imitating the Vermont senator’s voice, as quoted by the Politico. “Is your refrigerator running? Well, so am I! And I’m never, ever dropping out.”

The duo then pretended to call Sanders with little Trump impersonating Clinton this time. “Hello, Sen. Sanders, it’s an honor to be talking to you over the telephone,” Aiello said. “I was going to email you, but before I hit send, I accidentally deleted it.”

When the Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon asked Aiello where he learned all these amazing impressions, little Trump promptly replied it’s the “Trump University.”

The People reported that Aiello’s eighth-grade graduation speech received more than 2.2 million views and even piqued the interest of Ted Cruz. Ok, this kid is funny! Nicely done, and congrats on graduating!” Cruz wrote on Twitter.

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