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Watch: ‘The Tonight Show’ Host Jimmy Fallon Says Melania Trump Is Like A True First Lady

Watch: ‘The Tonight Show’ Host Jimmy Fallon Says Melania Trump Is Like A True First Lady
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Watch: ‘The Tonight Show’ Host Jimmy Fallon Says Melania Trump Is Like A True First Lady

Jimmy Fallon’s latest take on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on “The Tonight Show” targeted the billionaire’s entrance at the Republican National Convention on Monday.

Queen’s hit song “We Are the Champions” was played in the background, as he walked onto the stage. Fallon even took a jibe at Melania Trump, saying she delivered a speech like a true first lady, even though parts of it could be plagiarized.

Fallon made a similar entrée to the stage by including a few Michael Jackson steps to the “Champions” and quickly transitioned the background tune to the Gloved One’s 1988 hit “Smooth Criminal.”

Trump’s “thank yous” changed to “thank mes” for Fallon as he began his speech. He remembered to thank Melania Trump for delivering a speech likely for only the First Lady of America.

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“Did you see Melania, she stole the show … literally,” the Daily News quoted Fallon as saying. “I mean, she delivered her speech like a true first lady. That first lady being Michelle Obama, but still. She might have plagiarized some of it but you got to admit she did it harder, better, faster, stronger, and you can quote me on that.”

The short satirical speech by Jimmy Fallon also included Trump’s other speaker choices like Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr.

“Last night you heard from Antonio Sabato Jr. from General Hospital,” Fallon as Trump said. “Tonight you heard from Kimberlin Brown from The Young and the Restless, which is interesting because for the rest of the week you’ll be hearing from all my children.”

Not only Fallon but The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah also decided to poke fun at Trump’s RNC entrance.

“I know some of you are saying I plagiarized that entrance. But I want you to know that entrance represented my personal feelings and experiences of being in Cleveland,” joked Noah, as quoted by the Deadline.

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