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WATCH: Tiny Robot Performs Eye Operation For Humans

WATCH: Tiny Robot Performs Eye Operation For Humans
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WATCH: Tiny Robot Performs Eye Operation For Humans

A robot has been designed to assist doctors in eye operations.

The joystick-controlled robot, designed by Cambridge Consultants, was created with the aim to help doctors perform cataract surgeries.

Robot Performing Eye Operations a Reality?

The robot operates by cutting a 10-millimeter hole in the eye. The robot, 1.8 millimeters in diameter, replaces the damaged lens with a plastic one. With the assistance of the robot, the surgery is expected to take around 20 minutes.

Speaking with Reuters, the Cambridge Consultants advanced surgical systems head Chris Wagner said, “You can see where the robot is, see where the lens is, see where the relevant anatomy is. And by having a computer in the loop between when the surgeon’s moving their hands and the robot moving, that computer can recognize when the surgeon’s about to make a motion that can go outside and actually puncture the lens, for example, and stop that motion.”

Robot is a ‘showpiece for future miniaturization in surgical robotics’

There is a long way to go before the robot can actually be used.

There is less than 1 percent chance of complications arising in cataract surgeries. Nevertheless, doctors are seeing the opportunity of robot-assisted surgeries as a significant helping hand.

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