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Watch: Tiny Alien Reprotedly Caught Hiding Behind A Rock on Mars

Watch: Tiny Alien Reprotedly Caught Hiding Behind A Rock on Mars
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Watch: Tiny Alien Reprotedly Caught Hiding Behind A Rock on Mars

Alien or the idea of extra-terrestrial life forms has been subject to a wave of intense curiosity for centuries. And as decades pass, the inquisitiveness around it has only intensified.

Online alien hunters “Paranormal Crucible” claimed in a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday that a NASA photograph of the Mars surface showed a small humanoid hiding behind a rock.

According to the “Tiny humanoid alien spotted on Mars?” video, the tiny figure visible on the photograph taken by the Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface is a “proof of intelligent life on Mars.” The online alien hunters contend that the purported figure appeared similar to the six-inch Atacama Alien skeleton that was discovered in Chile, which also made headlines in 2003.

Paranormal Crucible purported alien discovery sent the alien and UFO hunters’ communities buzzing with excitement. The group claimed they were able to discover a breakthrough, while NASA scientists are still busy researching about microbial life forms on the surface of Mars.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, a believer of the existence of tiny humanoid on the surface of Mars, wrote in his blog post entitled “6-inch Alien Seen on Mars in Nasa Photo, Absolute Proof Life Exists on Mars” that he could clearly decipher the figure in the photograph.

“This human-like figure is peeping around the corner of a rock wall and I can make out its head, chest, shoulders, arm, leg, knee and foot from this one close up photo,” he wrote as quoted by the “Paranormal Crucible says it’s about 6 inches…I agree. This is one of the species that once lived on Mars and is still living there now, but in lower numbers. The mysteries of Mars just keep revealing themselves one by one.”

However, critics have often accused Paranormal Crucible of using editing techniques to make images to appear like what is being suggested. Until more proofs arrive, this could be taken with a grain of salt again.

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