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WATCH: Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Leaked? SDCC Footage, Surtur Could Be Main Villian

WATCH: Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Leaked? SDCC Footage, Surtur Could Be Main Villian
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WATCH: Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Leaked? SDCC Footage, Surtur Could Be Main Villian

The main cast of “Thor: Rangarok” have been teasing fans with their acting progress for the movie for a while now. Although Marvel Studios still hasn’t shared any official important details from the set, fans have been able to get glimpses of it.

Recently, a user uploaded a never seen before footage from SDCC. The video description on YouTube claims it to be the teaser trailer of “Thor: Rangarok” screened privately for the SDCC Attendees.

The short teaser trailer revealed MCU’s supervillian Surtur. The fictional character is well known as a mortal enemy of Odin and Thor. He is also believed to be stronger than the Asgardian ruler as he is a much older God.

In Marvel Comics, Surtur was involved in the Ragnarok story line. So, it’s likely that the supervillain will be a major character throughout the movie.

While the video looks convincing, it is still unconfirmed if the footage is real. Furthermore, nether can MNU confirm its authenticity. However, some fans believe it is the real footage from SDCC.

Recently, Mark Ruffalo also revealed that he has finished acting for his role as The Hulk in “Thor: Rangarok.” The wrap up also followed with new images from the set as well.

In other news, a recent tweet has posted a picture, claiming it to be the location being used by Marvel Studios to build prop of “Quinjet that Hulk used at end of Avengers Age of Ultron.”

It was confirmed earlier that Thor Ragnarok will be adapting some elements from Planet Hulk story line. However, the extent of its adaptation still remains unconfirmed.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor Ragnarok movie will be releasing on November 3rd, 2017. Fans can also check out images of Karl Urban as Skurge and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.


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