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VIDEO: Tesla Model S Summoned By Amazon Alexa

VIDEO: Tesla Model S Summoned By Amazon Alexa
2012 Tesla Model S Jack Snell / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


VIDEO: Tesla Model S Summoned By Amazon Alexa

One man has discovered that there is a way for Amazon’s Alexa to help a Tesla owner summon the electric car out of the garage. And while Tesla readily has a Summon feature that can do this, Alexa makes things cooler by letting you use voice command to get your car rolling.

Jason Goecke was thinking of taking things a step further by using Amazon Alexa’s digital personal assistant to help him get his Tesla out of the garage. To make this happen, Goecke reportedly used an unofficial Tesla API and the Amazon Echo. He then wrote a code, which responds to a keyword the system has been taught to respond to.

According to a report from ubergizmo, the trigger word is “Ask KITT,” in reference to the old hit series “Knight Rider.”  In the video, Goecke can be seen issuing the command, “Alexa, ask KITT to pull the car out of the garage.”

In response, Alexa answers, “I will now pull your Tesla out of the garage. Keep an eye on it.” The Tesla Model S then moves out of the garage smoothly.

Earlier this year, Tesla introduced the Summon feature for both the Model S and Model X. This feature allows the vehicle to open the garage door, enter the garage, park itself, and shut down the moment you get home.

Meanwhile, it will also open the garage door and pull out on its own in the morning, so there is less hassle when you’re rushing out to the office. Summon is currently in beta stage, and Tesla has been encouraging customers to “become familiar with it on private property.”

Tesla said its Summon feature will mean that its vehicles will be capable of driving “anywhere across the country to meet you” in the future. It doesn’t matter how far you are, as your Tesla will be able to charge along the way and sync itself to your arrival using a calendar.

Autopilot – Summon from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

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