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Watch: ‘Suicide Squad’ R-Rated Version, More Scary Joker Scenes

Watch: ‘Suicide Squad’ R-Rated Version, More Scary Joker Scenes
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Watch: ‘Suicide Squad’ R-Rated Version, More Scary Joker Scenes

While fans appreciated David Ayer for “Suicide Squad,” they also revealed disappointment for the short appearance of Jared Leto’s Joker in the movie. Judging the trailer, audiences believed the Joker would play an important role in the plot. However, our expectations were crushed on its initial release.

Since then, Jared Leto also revealed that many scenes of The Joker were edited from the movie. A footage cut from the theatrical print was also found earlier this month. The video unveils an intense moment between Dr.Harleen and The Joker.

Recently, a new unseen image of Jared Leto as the Joker was leaked on the internet. The picture seems to be a screenshot from a scene cut from the movie. Jared Leto looks terrifying and is definitely portrayed as a fitting moment for an R-rated movie. Check out the image below.

While Director David Ayer has stood by the cut version of “Suicide Squad” movie, fans on social media are already sharing their remorse, expecting Warner Bros to release an uncut version.

In a recent interview with a Youtuber, Margot Robbie also revealed there were many scenes in “snippets” as “flashbacks” explaining the Joker’s and Harley Quinn’s back story. Check out the video below. watch the video from 7:50.

While there’s a possibility that fans may never be able to see the cut scenes of Jared Leto as The Joker, there have been speculations that the clown could appear in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. For now, DC fans can check out a fan-made R rated movie of The Joker.

In other news, Kehlani recently released the full version of her soundtrack from Suicide Squad movie. The video song is dedicated to Harley Quinn. Check it out here.

This would have been an interesting scene. Genuinely looks scary from DC_Cinematic


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