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WATCH: Stephen Colbert And James Corden Grieve Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Split

WATCH: Stephen Colbert And James Corden Grieve Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Split
Taylor, Tom and Me (Goodbye Hiddleswift) The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / YouTube

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WATCH: Stephen Colbert And James Corden Grieve Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Split

Stephen Colbert and James Corden have decided to join in with the world as it mourns the breakup of Hollywood’s hottest couple – Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston!

After three months of being splashed across the front pages of every tabloid of the United States and abroad, the love story of “Hiddleswift” is sadly over.

Repeating the ritual that has followed the series of breakups that Taylor Swift has had in her life, it’s time for the newspapers to jump on solving the mystery of “who broke up with whom”.

After that is done and dusted, of course, would be a new song written Taylor Swift, signaling completion of the purging process and allowing her to move on to her next relationship.

So far, it seems like Tom Hiddleston “grew tired” of the “Bad Blood” singer and decided to call it quits, reports Mirror. If that is the case, then it should not be long before we get to hear a brand new rendition of “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift.

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“The Late Show” With Stephen Colbert

Not waiting for Taylor to release her next big single based on her recent breakup, Stephen Colbert mourned the “Hiddleswift” breakup by performing a self-composed, hilarious song on “The Late Show”.

When Tom and Taylor had hooked up, Colbert had celebrated with announcing that the nickname should be changed from “Hiddleswift” to “Cobiddleswift”, since he proposed a love trio between them three, reports TV Over Mind. So naturally, when the pair called it quits, he admitted that “in a way it feels like they broke up with me,” reports Teen Vogue.

This was followed by a song parody which contained lyrics such as “Taylor Tom and Me, we were a happy couple of three/ But now they’ve said goodbye, and I just want to cry”, reports Billboard.

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“The Late Late Show” With James Corden

For James Corden of “The Late Late Show”, it was emotions than he could handle. He began his segment by announcing “We’re going to start with a news story that has gripped the nation, dare I say it the world… and it’s tough” and then proceeded to announce that Tom-Taylor split.

He feigned fighting back tears as he suggested “they’re (Taylor Swift’s Camp) heading to the studio now”, an obvious throwback to Taylor Swift’s habit of composing post-breakup songs after every relationship failure.

Watch Colbert and Corden’s take on “Hiddlesplit” below!



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