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WATCH: Robots Play Football At World Football Olympiad 2016

WATCH: Robots Play Football At World Football Olympiad 2016
Robot Brian Turner CC BY 2.0


WATCH: Robots Play Football At World Football Olympiad 2016

The “Football” category at the World Robot Olympiad 2016 was quite an exciting event.

The event was part of the World Robot Olympiad 2016 taking place in New Delhi, capital of India.

World Robot Olympiad 2016: Robots compete in a game of football

The challenge featured two robots, a player and a goalkeeper, from each side. The rules are similar to actual football rules. The team who scored the most goals would take home the prize. You can watch the robots competing in a game-play of football in the video at the bottom of the story.

The event was attended by in excess of 450 teams across 50 countries.

World Robot Olympiad 2016 teachers children in a lot of ways

Some of the other events included creating robotics solutions to reduce or recycle waste, building robots that emptied trash cans and lifting building debris in constructions. Other advanced challenges included reprogramming robots to pick up mini bowling bowls and knock down pins.

Student Siddhant Shivanand said that the event is very interesting. “Once you get into it, it’s very addicting.

“You want to see it work. You want to see it happen.”

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