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Watch: Proposal Between Couple With Down Syndrome Makes You Believe In Love After All

Watch: Proposal Between Couple With Down Syndrome Makes You Believe In Love After All
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Watch: Proposal Between Couple With Down Syndrome Makes You Believe In Love After All

A woman with Down Syndrome received the best present of her life.

Ashley Greenhalgh, 21, from Philadelphia, was celebrating her 21st birthday and high school graduation on June 25 with her friends and family. She was unwrapping her presents when her boyfriend of two years, Danny Griffiths, also with Down Syndrome, presented her with a promise ring.

Of the presents she received, which included a stuffed polar bear, the most precious and priceless was the diamond ring, FOX News reports.

“It’s a ring! I’m going to be married!” Ashley said in delight as she opened her boyfriend’s present.

Griffiths went down on one knee and proposed to her. “Will you marry me?” he said. “Will you be my wife?”

The heart-warming incident was captured on video. Ashley can be heard yelling “Yes” in joy to applause from her friends and family.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Griffiths had bought the diamond ring from the money he saved from work. While the couple are not looking to get married yet, Griffiths wanted to tell Ashley that he will always be there.

Ashley’s sister, Courtney, talked about the couple’s plans.

“Danny and Ashley talk about getting married in the future; while they know that the timing isn’t right just yet, Danny wanted to go out of his way to let my sister know that he will always be there for her and that he only has eyes for her,” Courtney said.

The two plan to tie the knot in the next four years. “They take the concept of marriage seriously and realize that they need to be able to financially support themselves to make their dream a reality,” Courtney said. “They are only 21, too, so they’re being very mature and giving their relationship time to blossom.”

The video, which was posted on Facebook by Courtney, has received as many as 845,000 views as of Monday.

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