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Watch: Project 4k77 Teaser: Original Version of Star Wars In 4K UHD

Watch: Project 4k77 Teaser: Original Version of Star Wars In 4K UHD
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Watch: Project 4k77 Teaser: Original Version of Star Wars In 4K UHD

Recently, Mark Hamill’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was added in the big sleeve edition for Blu-ray and DVD release. Amazon UK has also confirmed its release on November 28th. However, it looks the fan’s interest lies in the original series.

Star Wars fans have been protesting Lucas Film and Disney to release the original version of the series in 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition). Unfortunately, both studios have remained tight lipped and haven’t revealed their intentions for it as well.

As frustration grew, it looks like hardcore Star Wars fans have decided to take up the responsibility. A recent video on YouTube of Star Wars has been gaining traction among selected audience.

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The footage reveals Star Wars original version (Episode IV A New Hope) in Ultra HD. The video has been named as Project 4k77. Fans can check it out below.

At 1.24, the clip gives us a screenshot glimpse at “Project 4k77”, mentioning that there’s “No upscale required.” Although fans have been appreciating the upscaled content, it has also been criticised by a few.

One Youtuber pointed out that some details have been lost due the grading. Furthermore, users on Reddit have also been discussing about the footage.

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Some fans have also been puzzled by the title “Project 4k77.” To clarify to the readers, the title was inspired from the year 1977, the original release of “Episode IV A New Hope.”

Fans interested in knowing more about the up-scaled 4K footage can be part of the discussion in Reddit. Click here.

Currently, Lucas Film is busy with the post-production of Star Wars: Episode VIII. The movie has been confirmed to release on 15th December 2017. Furthermore, the next title ‘Episode IX’ has also been announced but the cast members have not yet been confirmed.

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