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WATCH: Parents Capture Premature Baby’s First Year, Just Stunning!

WATCH: Parents Capture Premature Baby’s First Year, Just Stunning!
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WATCH: Parents Capture Premature Baby’s First Year, Just Stunning!

Brad and Lin Mitchell waited for the arrival of their first baby. But baby Lillian came out too soon.

Six weeks earlier than her due date, Lin experienced labor pains and delivered a baby girl, prematurely. Uncertain of baby Lillian’s fate, the couple prayed for the survival of their baby.

They also had an idea. They documented baby Lillian’s life by taking a video with her every day that they spend with her.

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It was a bittersweet moment for Brad and Lin. Each day, they marveled at the strength, resilience and fighting spirit of this little bundle of life. At the same time, they also worried that it might be their last to see their precious little one.

Baby Lillian lived each day with an oxygen tank, feeding tubes and several other medical apparatus. While the doctors reassure them that Lillian will survive, it was a painful sight to see a young life struggling to survive. But they did not lose hope.

In an interview with TODAY, Brad said, “As the days went on, we kept recording, and we decided that no matter how things went, we wanted to be sure we had full documentation of her first year that we could look back on and enjoy, and maybe even one day share with her.”

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A year later, on September 10, 2016, baby Lillian celebrated her first birthday. Her parents shared her video, “365 Days in 365 Seconds”. It featured Lillian’s days in the hospital and her road to recovery.

Brad and Lin shared how Lillian is growing up and turning into an active and smart toddler. She also enjoyed playing with the family’s French bulldog, Pierre.

Watch the Mitchells video below and prepare to feel the love.

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