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WATCH: Moviegoer Got Possessed While Watching ‘Conjuring 2!’

WATCH: Moviegoer Got Possessed While Watching ‘Conjuring 2!’
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WATCH: Moviegoer Got Possessed While Watching ‘Conjuring 2!’

A moviegoer reportedly got possessed while watching “Conjuring 2” and the whole thing was captured on video! While the movie itself got lackluster reviews, the video of the said possession can make you think twice about braving the movie alone.

On June 16, Facebook user Nayy Nicholson posted a video of a said lady who “got possessed while watching The Conjuring 2.”

The video showed people crowding a moviegoer making scary grunting and hissing sounds that make no one question the thought that she is indeed, being possessed.

The video, albeit dark, has good sound quality that captures how people around her were getting worried. Before the video ended, you can even hear the “possessed” moviegoer screaming incoherently.

While the authenticity of the video is unclear, the Facebook user captioned that video with “So yeah..Im watching Finding Dory,” and we now think she got a brilliant idea right there.

Conjuring 2 Reviews 

“Conjuring 2” is currently the No. 1 film in North America as well as internationally outside of China, as reported by Hollywood Reporter. In a span of five days since its release, it already grossed over $100 million.

Numerous reports however, claimed “Conjuring 2” is hardly scary. Daily Wire even described it as “absurdly long 134 minutes.”

For the Nerd Apocalypse, it’s “another run of the mill horror movie that is going to do well at the box office because people love to be scared.”

Conjuring 2 Spinoff

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Conjuring 2” spinoff “The Nun” is already in the works.

David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote “Conjuring 2” has already been called in to write this spinoff, while James Nan and Peter Safran will continue to direct and produce the said “Conjuring” spinoff.

While we think a spinoff is great news, let us think if we should risk being possessed ““Conjuring 2” spinoff “The Nun” comes out. Look at the video below and tell us how you can’t be scared!

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