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WATCH: #MoreThanMean Exposes Cruel Shaming of Women

WATCH: #MoreThanMean Exposes Cruel Shaming of Women
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WATCH: #MoreThanMean Exposes Cruel Shaming of Women

An online campaign by sports podcast Just Not Sports uploaded a video, #MoreThanMean revealing the shocking harassment and shaming woman go through as journalists. The mean tweets received by the personalities are read out by strangers (men) to record their expressions in real life.

The messages received on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit by Sports Journalist Sarah Spain and Julie Dicaro could easily leave the viewers ‘awe-struck’ as it reveals the dark effects of internet shaming on people. One man read the tweet out loud “One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick.” The next person read, “Hopefully this skank Julie DiCaro is Bill Cosby’s next victim. That would be classic,”

Dicaro who has previously discussed her gruesome past of being a rape victim responded, “I don’t know what to say to that.” Another person read to Spain, “I hope your boyfriend beats you,”

The tweets contained a lot of profanity, which was discriminative and treated them as beings of lower existence. This video reveals the reality of the ‘actual’ mean tweets personalities receive unlike the skit done on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show. It exposes the naked truth that the mainstream media hides from the audience.

The video gained viral traction and lead DiCaro to being bombarded with more than 500 notifications on Twitter once the video was uploaded on Tuesday. “It’s been crazy how fast it took off, I’ve had friends in Australia and New Zealand message me to tell me they saw me on the news. We never envisioned anything like this.”

Although the men in the video were not responsible for the mean tweets, they were awkward and uncomfortable during the whole video. Some of them were stunned for a few moments.

DiCaro also mentioned in her email to CNET that regardless of all the supporters, she also had to deal with ignorant trolls tweeting to her too. “We knew there would be a backlash from some of the darker corners of the internet, and that’s definitely been the case. But I feel like the trolls yelling about the video represent the last gasp of a dying breed,” she said. “They know they’ll never again have the world the way they want it, where you can treat women as lesser and harass them into silence, and they’re angry about it.”

Spain also expressed her opinion on the video in a column on Wednesday which says some of the tweet readers (Men) palm were sweating; some even asked if it really required them to read it. She also said that, “sad, unfulfilled, angry, misogynistic, jealous people in the world. I will, instead, pity them, knowing that their lives must be terribly unsatisfying if they feel compelled to attack strangers with unwarranted vitriol,” she wrote. “They must be deeply unhappy if they can so easily shed their humanity and aim to damage women like me.”

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