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Watch: Man Snatches Toddler In Broad Daylight, In Front Of Her Mom-Report

Watch: Man Snatches Toddler In Broad Daylight, In Front Of Her Mom-Report


Watch: Man Snatches Toddler In Broad Daylight, In Front Of Her Mom-Report

A 24-year-old man is now facing charges before a local court in California after allegedly trying to kidnap a 4-year-old girl in front of her mom last week.

Victorville police identified the suspect as Terry Ransom, a native of Hesperia, California who barged inside a store on the seventh street. The child, whose identity is withheld for her protection, was allegedly grabbed by the suspect in the presence of the mother, the ABC 7 News reported.

Caught On Cam

The entire ordeal was captured by the store’s surveillance camera, which showed how Ransom attempted to grab the child against her will. After grabbing the child outside the store, the suspect immediately ran, but the people in the area were able to restrain him until responding authorities have arrived.

Witnesses told ABC News that Ransom appeared troubled when the incident took place. One witness said he appeared high on something when he was restrained by the crowd.

Ransom, who is also a father of five, pleaded not guilty when arraigned Wednesday. In his defense, he told the judge who handled his case that he was in the hospital when the alleged attempted abduction took place.

Ransom’s aunt, Merri Redd, said the suspect wouldn’t do such a thing, unless he’s under the influence of drugs. Ransom’s family, who described him as a loving person, was present when he was arraigned Wednesday.

Family’s Plea

“That’s not him at all, and if he was here in his right state of mind, he would apologize to you guys also, because Boots as we know him, my cousin, he would never ever do that, especially to a kid,” Ransom’s cousin Drew Kelley was quoted as saying by ABC 7 News, adding that the suspect was in the hospital a day before the incident and couldn’t recall anything about the alleged attempted abduction incident.

According to the Hesperia Police Department, Ransom was recovered around the scene by the responding team without any injuries. The suspect was subjected to a medical checkup. The victim, meanwhile, is now in safe condition and did not appear to have suffered from major physical injuries.

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