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WATCH: Man Proposes During Mannequin Challenge

WATCH: Man Proposes During Mannequin Challenge
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WATCH: Man Proposes During Mannequin Challenge

It was Thanksgiving Day and Sue Merino wanted to play the Mannequin Challenge with her family. Little did she know that the biggest surprise of her life was waiting for her at the end of the said challenge!

When The Mannequin Challenge Is All The Rage

In case you did not know, Mannequin challenge is the one where people stay in a single frozen posture inside a small space. And a camera goes around recording their poses in one take. The challenge is to hold the pose without blinking or moving until the camera stops recording.

The Mannequin challenge has been all the rage on social media with everyone from Hillary Clinton to Michelle Obama giving it a go. So with such iconic personalities trying it out, why would the challenge involving a common couple from Texas become viral?

It is not what happens during the challenge, but what follows that sets it apart from the rest of the Mannequin Challenge videos.

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How The Mannequin Challenge Turned Into A Marriage Proposal

Sue Merino and her boyfriend, Jamie Ferrini, had gone to have Thanksgiving Dinner with Merino’s parents. Trying out the Mannequin Challenge seemed like a good memory to have with the entire family.

Merino chose the pose where she appeared to be drinking huge glass of wine while facing the kitchen counter. Unknown to her, Ferrini, picked the pose of sitting down on one knee and holding up a ring.

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Even when Merino heard gasps and someone saying “Oh my God, turn around!” she hardly suspected anything. Finally, after Ferrini tapped her from behind, Merino flipped around. Discovering her boyfriend with the ring in the traditional proposal pose, Merino couldn’t believe her eyes.

After a few overwhelming moments, Ferrini asked the magical question – “Will you marry me?” All Merino could do was smile and nod, sealing the proposal with a kiss.

Everything was caught on tape and has been viewed over 8 million times on Facebook!

Merino later revealed to ABC 7 New York that she had no prior idea about what is going to happen. “I thought ‘why is everyone talking? This is the mannequin challenge!’” Merino said.

Ferrini mentioned that he had plenty of help from Merino’s sister the day before Thanksgiving regarding the execution of the plan.

“We had friends and family over, so we kind of all had a part,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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