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Watch: Leslie Jones Epic Skit On Data Privacy During Emmys 2016

Watch: Leslie Jones Epic Skit On Data Privacy During Emmys 2016
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Watch: Leslie Jones Epic Skit On Data Privacy During Emmys 2016

The 68th Emmy Awards may be over, but Leslie Jones moment onstage will be remembered for all the good reasons.

The ‘Ghostbuster’ star had been a subject of data privacy theft and her private photos were hacked and leaked online. And she made a skit during the Emmys 2016 to remind everyone that data privacy is an important issue.

Jones even mentioned about her being “butt-naked on CNN!” Her private photos and personal information from her social media accounts were accessed and misused, making her a subject of public harassment.

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Every year during the Emmys awards night, three accountants go up onstage and explain the mechanics of points tallying and calculations, to promote transparency and establish the credibility of the guild as an award-giving body.

It was usually a ‘forgettable moment’, until Jones’ funny but downright relevant skit.

She cracked why they had to do all the explanation on the calculations, as if someone is trying to steal the Emmys results.

The three accountants from Ernst & Young got a taste of Jones humor and wit. She told them about knowing a few things on stolen data since she was a victim of data theft.

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Jones said that people had been taking the blame on the victims of private data theft. Some even pointed that if these victims feared about leaking private photos, then don’t take nude photos of yourself.

To this, Jones replied that such argument is nonsense. How about people who had their cars and wallet stolen? Does it mean these people should not have cars nor cash to begin with?

Body shaming a person who wanted to feel beautiful and proud of her body is unfair. Think about the Golden Rule: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

Watch her skit in the video below.

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