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‘Legend of Tarzan’ Trailer Features Wild Alexander Skarsgard

‘Legend of Tarzan’ Trailer Features Wild Alexander Skarsgard
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‘Legend of Tarzan’ Trailer Features Wild Alexander Skarsgard

The latest “Legend of Tarzan” trailer featured the wilder side of the King of the Jungle as his Jane is being held captive by Christoph Waltz’ Leon Rom. From flashing abs to lunging trees, Alexander Skarsgard has never been any sexier!

The “Legend of Tarzan” trailer showed that there will be major changes in the movie, especially when the King of the Jungle has been out from the forest for quite some time. Skarsgard, the actor playing the lead role, looks hotter than he was last seen in HBO’s “True Blood.”

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the latest adaptation of “The Legend of Tarzan” will showcase the lead character’s return to where he was raised by apes, after living in civilization married to Jane (Margot Robbie) for quite some time. Known now as John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke is invited back to his roots as a parliamentary trade emissary.

However, little did he know that Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz), a Belgian captain, planned a deadly conspiracy that will eventually leads to Jane being kidnapped. In the hopes of bringing his wife back safely, Tarzan is forced to become who he was before he met Jane, a jungle man — wilder and more primitive.

Screen Rant reported that the film will start off with footage of Tarzan’s life in London. He and Jane would then travel back to Africa, only to become pawns in Rom’s plans to exploit the wilderness of Congo. Along the way, Tarzan will be guided by George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson), a U.S. civil war vet, in saving his beloved Jane and put an end to Rom’s evil plans on Tarzan’s homeland.

Fans will certainly agree that the oh-so hot Skarsgard looks quite  good shirtless in the latest “Legend of Tarzan” trailer. One look and they will not be able to wait. Fortunately, the movie is just around the corner. It premiers on theaters on July 1, 2016.

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