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Watch: Kyrie Irving As ‘Uncle Drew’ Returns, This Time With Ray Allen

Watch: Kyrie Irving As ‘Uncle Drew’ Returns, This Time With Ray Allen
A Youtube Screen Grab from Pepsi’s Uncle Drew Series Pepsi / Youtube


Watch: Kyrie Irving As ‘Uncle Drew’ Returns, This Time With Ray Allen

Kyrie Irving returns as Uncle Drew for the fourth installment of Pepsi’s successful ad campaign. This time, Ray Allen and Baron Davis join Irving.

Three years ago, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving and Pepsi took the world by storm by unveiling the Uncle Drew saga.

After a two-year break, Pepsi has released the fourth chapter of arguably the funniest recurring commercial in history. The previous ads tallied almost 60 million YouTube views.

In this latest installment, Irving, who plays Uncle Drew, shows off his skills on the court in the streets of Miami. He is challenged by Walt, who is played by future Hall of Famer Ray Allen. Irving and Allen face off in an epic battle of horse in a video that also features former NBA star Baron Davis and comedian JB Smoove.

“It’s awesome to get to chapter four,” said Irving, who once again wrote and directed the nearly seven-minute video. “I just love every time when fans get to discover who else will join me. I surround myself with great people and love the freedom to come up with a new vision.”

“The funniest moment for me was being around Ray Allen as Walt, Louis, who was Baron Davis, and JB Smoove as Angelo. It was amazing, man. Baron and JB Smoove, they have that background of being a part of productions and then Ray has been part of movies as well. To bring that all together and tie in with their own voices and characters and their alter egos, it was an amazing experience. It was great,” Irving told Slam Magazine in an extensive interview on Thursday.

A few years ago, former Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson requested Kyrie to inserted into a future commercial. Kyrie obliged. Robinson has received his Uncle Drew moment this time around.

And now, presenting the much-awaited video:

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