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Watch: Kanye West ‘Fade’ Music Video, Might Just Be Crazier Than ‘Famous’

Watch: Kanye West ‘Fade’ Music Video, Might Just Be Crazier Than ‘Famous’
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Watch: Kanye West ‘Fade’ Music Video, Might Just Be Crazier Than ‘Famous’

Kanye West’s music video for “Fade” debuted on VMAs this year and it was not at all what people had expected!

When it is Kanye West, people now know that it is better to leave all expectations at the door. Just when people were starting to believe that nothing can ever top his out-of-the-world “Famous” music video, they were greeted by the video of “Fade”, which left them speechless.

Kanye also chose to introduce his music video to the world by giving a long, rambling speech, parts of which was undecipherable. He was given freedom to perform anything and everything that he would like for four minutes on the VMAs stage.

And he chose to talk. The monologue started off with the rapper announcing that he would be showing off the first look of his music video “Fade” in a few minutes. He then moved off to an unrelated group of topics which ranged from his celebrity rivals to world affairs, reports Busines Insider!

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Kanye West VMAs 2016

He predicted that Beyonce is mostly likely going to snatch the “Best Album” award away from him (which is exactly what happened) but that was okay since he has always adored her.

Next, he said, “If you think about last week it was 22 people murdered in Chicago. People come to me like, ‘Man that’s right, tell Taylor.’ Bro, like, I love all ya’ll. That’s why I called her!” reports Wetpaint, which was a throwback to the infamous phone call that was secretly recorded by Kim and used by her to prove that Taylor Swift was a liar.

When his incessant mumblings finally came to an end and the much-awaited “Fade” music video debuted on the big screen, the audience had their eyes coming out of their sockets and their jaws hitting the ground.

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It mainly showed a glistening Teyana Taylor, an actress, and singer, working out in a cropped tank top and a thong! If that was not weird enough, Cleave Cavs’ Iman Shumpert materializes in the video towards the end to make out with a naked Teyana in the shower.

The first look of “Fade” music video wraps up with Iman and a cat-faced Teyana pressed against each other’s nude bodies, while they sat among a herd of sheep.

‘Fade’ Music Video

If you missed the mind-boggling video, catch it below!

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