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Watch ‘Justice League’ Teaser Video: Deathroke Scenes Revealed

Watch ‘Justice League’ Teaser Video: Deathroke Scenes Revealed
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Watch ‘Justice League’ Teaser Video: Deathroke Scenes Revealed

DC fans all over the world have been rejoicing as the infamous Deathstroke has been confirmed to be the main villain in Batman solo movie. The news was initially hinted by Ben Affleck himself. However, it looks like the Oscar winner wasn’t talking about his stand alone movie.

The short video clip uploaded by Ben Affleck revealed Slade Wilson wearing his metallic Deathstroke suit. Since then, there have been speculations that the footage was shot for Justice League movie.

Recently, Screen Rant’s Rob Keyes confirmed that the footage was in fact an actual scene from Zack Snyder’s upcoming film. Keyes tweeted that the video clip was shot “on the Justice League team vehicle a.k.a the “Flying Fox”. Check out his tweet below.

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Earlier in June, few journalists were invited to the Justice League set in London. After the immediate embargo lift, it was announced that a Bat vehicle called “Flying Fox” would be introduced in Justice League.

According to official description provided on set by Deborah Snyder, the “Flying Fox” is vehicle that will be used as transportation for the whole team. “It fits all of them, but it also can fit a vehicle in it, so we can bring the Batmobile into the Flying Fox.”

If Deathstroke is appearing in Justice League movie, it looks like an actor has already been casted for the fictional role. Recently, it has been hinted that Joe Manganiello will be playing as Slade Wilson. The actor has also been teasing fans via his twitter account as well. However, Warner Bros. still hasn’t officially announced it.

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Justice League is currently being filmed in London. It has been reported that Manganiello is also in the country as well. The movie will be releasing on November 17th, 2017.

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