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Watch: Hiroki Ogita Penis Knocked Down Olympic Dreams

Watch: Hiroki Ogita Penis Knocked Down Olympic Dreams
Cidade Candidata (Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic Games) Uri R / Wikimedia Commons cc


Watch: Hiroki Ogita Penis Knocked Down Olympic Dreams

It has to hurt when your own manhood takes your down, literally. Hiroki Ogita’s dreams of reaching the Rio Olympics 2016 Pole Vault finals got crushed when his penis got in the way!

Nobody comes to participate in the Olympics thinking that he might be reduced to a laughing stock after his performance. Unfortunately, Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita turned out to be humorous for reasons he could not control.

Ogita had to clear the height of 5.30 meters in order to qualify for the finals, but Lady Luck just wasn’t on his side. Not only did Ogita not clear it, the body part which let him down was an unusual one!

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Hiroki Ogita Pole Vaulting

After clearing one side, Ogita was more or less confident that he would be able to make a clear landing. It is while Ogita was crossing the bar at the top and coming down from his fall on the other side that the incident happened.

His legs went first, grazing the bar ever so slightly, but not enough to dislodge it completely from its position, meaning that Ogita still had a fairly good chance of making it, reports New York Daily News.

However, while Ogita had been cautious about the placement of his two legs, he had not really accounted for his “third leg”. The bar, which was already shaking from Ogita’s legs grazing it, was further imbalanced when Ogita’s penis touched it when his body was falling down.

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2016 Rio Olympics

The bar completely came off its hinges and fell along with the pole vaulter, ending Ogita’s dream to enter the finals of Men Pole Vaulting in this year’s Rio Olympics, reports Indian Express.

The video has since gone viral on the internet, with people finding the unfortunate incident funny than anything else. But the unusual reason for his failure must have seriously hurt both Ogita’s body and male pride!

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