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Watch: Hillary Clinton On SNL; Miley Cyrus SNL Performance

Watch: Hillary Clinton On SNL; Miley Cyrus SNL Performance
Hillary Clinton on SNL (Screengrab from The Daily Beast)

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Watch: Hillary Clinton On SNL; Miley Cyrus SNL Performance

Watch “Hillary Clinton” and “Miley Cyrus” in a rare SNL performance.

This is where the campaign starts to get funnier. SNL featured not just Miley Cyrus last saturday night, but Democrat presidentiable, Hillary Clinton, who portrayed a bartender serving drinks to Hillary Clinton played by Kate McKinnon.

It opened with Miley Cyrus saying something about Donald Trump and just simply loving him. Then the camera pans to McKinnon’s character, Hillary Clinton, and her aide, who left her for a while, leaving her to ask for another drink from the bartender. She opens her skit with the line “Why can’t they just let me lead?” which alludes to her drive for the White House position.

The real Hillary plays the role of “Val,” the bartender who introduces herself as a simple citizen, who thinks the Keyston Pipeline is bad for the environment. And the banter between Hillary’s character as a politician and her role as a “grandmother” begins.

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The exchanges were witty and careful, as McKinnon doesn’t fail to impress the viewers with her witty rendition of Hillary’s character. The real one doesn’t faze while reading her script and delivers one of her final lines in answer to McKinnon’s statement, “I wish you could be president!” Hillary answers with a signature laugh of “Yeah. Me too!”

Then the two closes their dialogue with a rendition of “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers.

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