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Watch: Hillary Clinton For Prison! ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ Shouts Hillary Herself

Watch: Hillary Clinton For Prison! ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ Shouts Hillary Herself
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Watch: Hillary Clinton For Prison! ‘Let’s Make It Happen’ Shouts Hillary Herself

The 2016 presidential elections is certainly one for the books when it comes to epic fails. The latest from the campaign trail involves the Hillary for Prison 2016 movement which believe it or not, got the support from the nominee, Hillary Clinton, herself!

During a rally, a man can be heard shouting “Hillary for prison!” right at the candidate to which she hilariously responds “Let’s make it happen.” While this is just another case of misunderstanding, there’s no denying that it is absolutely Hillary-ious.

The Hillary for Prison movement started to prevent her from running for president. They believe that Hillary Clinton is not fit to run the country due to the numerous scandals surrounding her time as Secretary of State.

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The majority of its supporters are conservatives and, although some don’t fully support Donald Trump, they are against another Clinton presidency. They believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency will dismantle everything that America stands for and so she must be stopped.

Hillary Clinton For Prison 2016

Several right-wing news sites and presenters, notably, also support the movement.

The movement has seen very little success if any as far as getting Sec. Clinton behind bars. It primarily exists to raise awareness to her many alleged “questionable” actions during her time as secretary.

On their website, you can find a wide selection of gear from t-shirts, mugs, and sign boards. All of them have one thing in common. A single message that has been the slogan for many conservatives: Hillary for Prison 2016.

So is the Democratic presidential nominee going to see prison anytime soon? Not likely, as the investigations regarding her emails and the Clinton foundation will probably not yield results until after the elections have concluded.

Do you support the Hillary Clinton for Prison movement or do you believe they are nothing more than a nuisance? Let us know in the comments below.

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