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Watch: Henry Cavill Wanted To Be Batman, Not Superman!

Watch: Henry Cavill Wanted To Be Batman, Not Superman!
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Watch: Henry Cavill Wanted To Be Batman, Not Superman!

Since Henry Cavill portrayed his version of Superman in Man of Steel, fans have considered him the best pick by far for DC Cinematic Universe. However, it looks like the 33 year old actor wants to be another DC superhero.

In a recent video that surfaced online, Henry Cavill sends a “message to his younger self.” The actor says that his “biggest dream will come true” and that he “will finally get to be in a Batman movie.”

Henry Cavill also reveals that he is a Batman fanboy himself. However, before concluding his message, the actor also reveals that his younger self won’t “handle” it if he knew he will play Superman. Check out the video below.

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While Henry Cavill initially reveals that he is thankful for being able to play as the Superman in DC Cinematic Universe, it also looks like he always wanted to wear the black cape worn by Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman as well.

Henry Cavill is currently busy shooting in London for “Justice League.” The actor’s role as Superman was last revealed to be dead after his fight against Doomsday. While Superman later gets revived, his appearance wasn’t unveiled in the teaser trailer from SDCC.

Recently, the actor teased his revival through a picture shared on his official Instagram page. Henry Cavill revealed the Black suit that has been rumored to be worn by Superman in the first act of Justice League movie. Furthermore, it was revealed that his facial appearance would also be different.

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Henry Cavill will soon be working on his stand alone sequel movie as well. Recently, it was confirmed by credible reports that Warner Bros. has started its project on “Man of Steel 2.” Justice League movie will be releasing on November 17th, 2017.

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