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WATCH: Harley Davidson Create Marvel Superhero Bikes, Captain America Skin And More

WATCH: Harley Davidson Create Marvel Superhero Bikes, Captain America Skin And More
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WATCH: Harley Davidson Create Marvel Superhero Bikes, Captain America Skin And More

Marvel fans would definitely remember the Harley Davidson motor cycle used by “Captain America” in MCU. While it would be every fan’s dream to own a bike like that, it looks like a lucky few might get the chance to ride the beast.

It was recently revealed that Harley Davidson and Marvel Comics are working together to release 25 custom made motorcycles inspired by fictional characters from Marvel Universe. The team up is in favour of celebration for Captain America’s 75th anniversary.

As exciting the news sounds, it looks like the motor cycle is not available for sale. The custom made Harley’s can only be won by entering into a contest and voting the design you like. Furthermore, According to io9 it is unfortunate that the contest is only for residents in Australia and New Zealand.

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Fans can check out the trailer below, which reveals some glimpses of Harley Davidson employees in behind-the-scenes as they design the custom made motorcycle.  Furthermore, fans can also check out their website to see all the existing models with custom made bodies of Marvel superheros and supervillains (Example: Black Widow – Iron 883 Uncompromising)

Harley Davidson has also used new fictional characters like Spider Gwen, Punisher, Wasp, Thanos, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider for their custom made motorcycles.

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Harley Davidson has chosen each fictional character based on their agility, strength, boldness etc and have involved them accurately to the concerned bike models.

As of now Harley Davidson and Marvel Comics have not revealed if a similar contest will be held in other countries like USA. However, based on the current contest’s success in Australia and New Zealand, fans can predict its possibility.

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