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Watch: Ghost Ship, Jesus Christ Seen Walking On Lake Superior In Michigan, Report [Video]

Watch: Ghost Ship, Jesus Christ Seen Walking On Lake Superior In Michigan, Report [Video]
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Watch: Ghost Ship, Jesus Christ Seen Walking On Lake Superior In Michigan, Report [Video]

What if Jesus Christ has walked among us? This was the question asked by those who have seen a video that has recently gone viral showing a silhouette of the most important man in Christianity walking on a lake in Michigan.

A certain Jason Asselin posted the controversial video on the popular on video streaming site YouTube. The one-minute video has quickly gone viral and was viewed nearly three million after it was posted barely a week ago.

Jesus Christ on Lake Superior?

It was supposed to be an ordinary day for Asselin, a local photographer, who was documenting a rainbow on Michigan’s Lake Superior. But what’s supposed to be an ordinary day turned out spooky when he spotted a ghost ship and an image similar to that of the Biblical depiction of Christ walking on the Sea.

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“Saturday evening far off coast from Marquette, Michigan appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! Almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world. Even if it was a ship, what could be that tall in these choppy waves?”Asselin wrote on his YouTube channel.

Science Explains

Rumors have it that the vast lake is no stranger to the mysteries and urban legends, including the sightings of ghost ships. In fact, the vast lake is home to hundreds of shipwrecks. But science has some rational explanations of this rather weird phenomenon as reported by the CNN.

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At least for Mark Becker, an associate professor of psychology at Michigan State University, the occurrence photographed by Asselin on the Great Lake was nothing spectacular. Becker said it’s more of an optical illusion that created by our brain that in turn, people interpret based on how they want it interpreted.

“Is it a ghost ship? No, I’m pretty sure, and it might not be that big. Whatever you believe in your mind, that’s what it was. That’s what life is about—dreaming,” Becker told the CNN.

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