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WATCH: Dad Spends A Year With Baby, Funny Videos

WATCH: Dad Spends A Year With Baby, Funny Videos
Eric Bruce via artfuldad YouTube

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WATCH: Dad Spends A Year With Baby, Funny Videos

Dad and baby moments often involve lots of laughter. And Eric Bruce made sure he captured these on video for his wife, Priscilla.

Minneapolis-based first time parents, Eric and Priscilla, had their baby Jack in December 2014. As working parents, they shared on babysitting tasks.

Priscilla works as a part-time makeup artist, while Eric has a weekday job in an art museum. When Priscilla leaves for work and Eric takes charge of caring for baby Jack, he took videos with Jack and shared them to Priscilla. This way, she feels connected with the family even if she’s at work.

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Over a year, Eric collected Dubsmash videos of him and Jack doing just about anything. From snacking together to playing and Jack’s little antics, Eric had them on video for memory’s sake

Baby Jack had a rough first month of life after he underwent a minor surgery. It was a difficult time for Eric and Priscilla. At that time too, Priscilla had to return to work and leave Jack with Eric. That’s the time when Eric began taking videos and keeping Priscilla on-the-loop.

“It was a little glimpse into the past year of raising a baby and having good times together and bonding as father and son. And making sure his mom was happy and in the loop after going back to work. … It’s the equivalent of updating her with a picture, but trying to do something a little more special,” Eric shared with TODAY.

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The couple enjoyed watching how Jack grew over a year. Time flew so fast and they were happy to have these precious moments for them to enjoy. Priscilla encouraged Eric to share their videos on YouTube and it earned millions of viewers.

Babies can grow quickly and we may often forget the little things they did. Enjoy each moment with your little one.

Do you have cute baby videos to share? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note if you want us to feature your story.

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