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WATCH: Iconic Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Remake!

WATCH: Iconic Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Remake!
From The Late Late Show with James Corden / CBS

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WATCH: Iconic Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Remake!

Cindy Crawford is back to promoting Pepsi, a brand which made her an icon 24 years ago. Only this time, it will be her customized Pepsi emoji that will do the job for her!

The iconic Pepsi ad of 1992, which made Cindy Crawford a household name and helped her reach out to millions of fans on TV sets, is being made again, with a few tweaks. Instead of Cindy playing herself, her Pepsi emoji will be playing her role.

Pepsi emojis or “Pepsimojis” are all the rage right now, with the youth connecting to these fun emojis more than any other gimmick.

Cashing in on the popularity, Pepsi has come up with the unique idea of featuring Cindy’s emoji on a can of Pepsi, which walks up to a vending machine, just like the original ad.

“The original spot was so great — people come up to me to this day and say they loved that spot,” Crawford told CNN. “I think there’s so much nostalgia for the commercial, so we decided to do it with a twist as a Pepsi emoji. It’s fun to connect with a younger audience.”

But Cindy wasn’t the only thing that grabbed the spotlight back in 1992 when her Pepsi ad debuted. The mole on her face became a trademark of the actress too. And in order to keep the Pepsimoji as close to resembling Crawford as possible, they have also incorporated her famous mole into the customized emoji!

“It’s funny … what makes a ‘Cindy Crawford‘ emoji different is my mole,” said Crawford “As a kid my beauty mark is what I was most self conscious of, and now it’s the thing that made me stand out. I try to tell girls to embrace the thing that’s different. What people see is your confidence.”

The 15-second ad ran for the first time yesterday and is quickly catching on among the younger generation, reports Fox2Now. Cindy’s teenage daughter was the first one to hit “Like” on the commercial. “She thinks it’s cool,” said Crawford. Watch the commercial below!


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