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Watch: Blue Alien Building Found On Planet Mercury [Video]

Watch: Blue Alien Building Found On Planet Mercury [Video]
Possible Comet Swarm Around KIC 8462852-Artist Concept NASA/JPL-Caltech / Wikimedia Common Public Domain

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Watch: Blue Alien Building Found On Planet Mercury [Video]

When it comes to planets capable of supporting alien life, Mercury is not the first thing that comes to mind. But now this could change after a blue alien building was found on the planet.

Coming just under Venus in terms of surface temperature, the first planet in the solar system is no friend to carbon-based life. Its close proximity to the Sun has stripped it of its atmosphere and is at the complete mercy intense solar activity.

A place with temperatures reaching 801 degrees Fahrenheit would be the last place you would expect to find life, right? Not exactly as footage from the planet’s surface show what appears to be a blue alien building on the planet’s surface.

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The structure is a sharp contrast to the barren orange landscape of the planet. Could it be a mysterious formation of minerals or is it something else entirely? We turn to veteran alien hunter Scott C. Waring for the answer.

Blue Alien Buildings In Mercury A Sign Of Life?

According to UFO Sighting Daily, the buildings appear to have designs too complex to be the result of natural processes. Furthermore the blue structure was found nestled at the center of an impact crater.

Did its creators make use of the crater to shield it from the unforgiving coronal mass ejections from the sun?  If so why? Existing on Mercury requires capabilities that go far beyond those of a carbon-based life form.

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So far, the hunt for alien life in the solar system has been limited to Mars due to its similarity to our very own planet. It is also the only planet that holds the possibility of containing deposits of liquid water.

Water has long been necessary for life to occur, however this is only true for carbon based life. Given that this is the only form of life we know of, it is understandable why water gets top priority when exploring potentially habitable planets.

Is it possible for life exists in other forms other than those that exist on Earth? If so, could this strange blue alien building in Mercury be a clue? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Watch the video here:


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