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Watch: Black Woman, Breaion King, Slammed To The Ground Twice By Austin Police!

Watch: Black Woman, Breaion King, Slammed To The Ground Twice By Austin Police!
Austin Police AND TxDPS Traffic Stops – 4/9/13 12:20PM Part 3 allDGoodNamesRtaken / Youtube Public Domain


Watch: Black Woman, Breaion King, Slammed To The Ground Twice By Austin Police!

A video was captured showing two Austin cops body-slamming a black school teacher to the ground twice during a violent arrest.

The two Texas police officers are now being investigated because of the violent assault. According to My Statesman, the arrest was made during a traffic stop. The violation was speeding. One of the officers told the black woman that police are cautious of blacks because of their “violent tendencies.”

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Breaion King, a primary school teacher, was made to stop her car for speeding on June 15, 2015. She was on her lunch break but was stopped by a white police officer named Bryan Richter.

The video was captured on Richter’s dash camera. The video shows Richter making a violent arrest. The video came out on Thursday, more than a year after the ordeal.

Other than the video, another footage was released by law enforcement authorities. The separate footage reveals the disturbing conversation about race that took place between King and another white officer, Patrick Spradlin.

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Officer Richter said that he timed her car speeding at 50mph in a 35mph zone. According to him, the car was traveling eastbound on Riverside Drive.

In his report regarding the incident, Richter said that he acted quickly, because King was projecting “uncooperative behavior.” Richter wrote that King was “reaching for the front passenger side of the vehicle.”

According to Richter, he was unaware if she had a weapon. He said that King was resisting arrest, as she pulled away from him and wrapped her hands around the steering wheel. However, the video shows something else. It shows the two cops pulling up behind King. She had parked in a parking spot and got out of her Nissan Versa.

It is heard in the video that Richter asks her to get back in the vehicle. Richter is seen next to the driver’s side of the vehicle asking for King’s driver’s license. Richter informs King that she was being stopped for speeding.

“But I’m already stopped so can you technically stop me,” she asks while arranging her documents to give to Richter. “Because you didn’t pull me over because I parked.”

The situation escalated dramatically; after some time, Richter reaches into the black woman’s car and tries to pull her out, said the Daily Mail.



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