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Watch: Bioshock Infinite Columbia Recreated By Fallout 4 Player

Watch: Bioshock Infinite Columbia Recreated By Fallout 4 Player
Bioshock Infinite Joshua Livingston / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Watch: Bioshock Infinite Columbia Recreated By Fallout 4 Player

One of the Fallout 4 players, Girl Plays Game, has recreated the floating city of Columbia from Bioshock Infinite. Watch her work here.

While some gamers like to play a game as it is, others like to recreate a part of it. A Fallout 4 player, Girl Plays Game, used the Settlement creation tool to recreate Columbia, a city from Bioshock Infinite.

The Bioshock Infinite floating city has been brilliantly crafted. The player also used the character creation system to recreate Booker DeWitt. This inspired recreation is so awesome that one of the company’s developers retweeted the masterpiece of the girl. Other players also tried using Settlement creation tools, and the works have always been good. Given the restrictions of the tool, whatever has been created by Girl Plays Game is way too good.

Updating everyone about the status of her work, the player on her blog wrote, “Uploaded my Bioshock paintings mod and the save file for the Bioshock settlement if anyone wants them! Thanks to Faolan Art Exchange for making the ESP for the custom paintings – I just redid all the textures into Bioshock ones.” She further wrote, “This is pretty much the most expansive settlement I’ve created yet – a Bioshock-themed settlement modeled off the sky city of Columbia! It took foreverrrrrr (about twice as long as my Mass Effect-themed playerhome mod and my Glass Treehouse playerhome mod combined!) … especially those fucking lightbox hot air balloons!”

Along with the update, she also uploaded the video. Watch it here:

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