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Watch: Baby Rocky Balboa, Photos Of 2-year-old Charlie Magilavy

Watch: Baby Rocky Balboa, Photos Of 2-year-old Charlie Magilavy
rocky balboa. feb. 24th 2015. 20h50 (19:50 gmt). d8 Alatele fr / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

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Watch: Baby Rocky Balboa, Photos Of 2-year-old Charlie Magilavy

A toddler’s imitation of Rocky Balboa during a workout routine is making the rounds on the internet.

The video of little Charlie, who is watching Rocky II and imitating Sylvester Stallone’s training scene, has gained massive popularity on the web. The nearly 2-minute footage shows Charlie doing one-handed push-ups, sit-ups and shadow boxing.

The boy’s father, Zack, said he has been training the workout routine for the past year.

“We figured he gets a little exercise and has a good time,” Magilavy said, as reported by Today. “He’s funny. He’ll watch the running montage from a Rocky movie and then start running laps around the house for 15 minutes.”

The video was posted on Facebook – which has amassed more than 1.9 million views and as many as 47,000 shares, according to WTVR – by Magilavy. “It brings a smile to our face every time he asks to ‘workout with Rocky,’” he wrote.

Charlie was introduced to movies about a year ago when Melissa, Magilavy’s wife, put the little boy for a nap on Magilavy’s lap while Magilavy was watching Rocky II.

“For the last eight or nine months, he asked us once a day if he can watch it,” Magilavy said. “Over time he started doing one move here and one move there until he had the whole routine down.”

Nevertheless, Charlie’s television time is limited and he is not allowed to watch fight scenes.

Charlie’s adorable video was acknowledged by Sylvester Stallone himself.

Rocky II is Charlie’s favorite in the acclaimed Rocky series, but he also knows about the other movies.

“During the ‘Rocky III’ scene where Rocky and Apollo are running in slow motion on the beach, Charlie will try to run in slo-mo along to it. It cracks us up,” Zack said. “Hopefully he keeps that motivation going as he gets older.”

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